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  • How long has the farm been in the famliy?
    The Bream family has been farming this particular land for over 70 years. It is currently led by Eric Bream, a third generation Central Valley farmer. The legacy block of citrus trees was planted in 1912, making it nearly 110 years old.
  • Why such a limited supply?
    While we grow several varieties of citrus, our 10 acre Legacy Block is unique. The age of the trees, the high quality soil, the microclimate and three generations of farming expertise combine to produce a premium quality experience. We may expand our offerings in the future. For now, we invite you to enjoy this one of a kind offering.
  • Do you farm organically?
    This is a great question, and one we get often. We currently use a combination of organic and conventional growing methods, whichever makes the most sense in real time. This allows us to make the best decisions possible as the need arises
  • How do the logistics work to get me the freshest fruit?
    Great question, please see our logistics information HERE.
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