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As the President of Bream Family Farms, and a 3rd generation citrus farmer, Eric Bream shares his personal story,
current vision and his big plans for the future of family farms.

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Eric's Story
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The Bream family has a long tradition of growing high quality citrus fruit that stretches back over 70 years. Bream Family Farms is currently overseen by Eric Bream, a third-generation family farmer, with the support of his family (pictured right). Wife (Mary), Son (Chandler) and Daughter-in-law (Bre).


It's common for family farms in the Central Valley to become like family with their employees and teams. We are no exception. (See below). Andres has been with us since 1979. His son-in-law Jaime has since joined our family tradition.


In 1952 Robert O. Bream purchased the first 10 acre orchard of Washington Navel Oranges in California’s beautiful Central Valley. We have come to refer to this initial 10 acres as our “Legacy Block.” The trees were planted in 1912 and a member of the Bream family has cared for them for the past 70 years.


While our land area and offerings has grown over the years, the age of the trees, high quality of soil and the perfect micro-climate in the Legacy Block has remained the backbone of our family farm, and produces fruit that offers a unique experience.

We are committed to paying every single person who has a hand in your delivery at least 2X the minimum wage and donating fruit of an equal amount of your purchase to a local organization dedicated to helping our local homeless community.  We are excited for you to be a part of our journey and our Legacy.

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Our purpose is to serve you by delivering an exceptionally high-quality experience while making our community a better place to live.

When it comes to the Navel Orange supply in the United States, over 80% come from California. That means the fruit you buy in your local grocery store, probably came from our area. The highest quality fruit is usually exported, and the rest are sent to stores which can take weeks, lowering the quality and flavor profile.


So we set out to build a brand that allows you to experience picking and tasting an orange right off of the tree.

The fruit will be harvested, packed and shipped on the same day and will arrive at your home in 2-3 days.


We have the ability to make this happen.


But why stop there?


We know that with great ability comes great responsibility. We are responsible for the care and well-being of our team. We have a responsibility to help feed the disadvantaged in our community. And we have the responsibility as a legacy farm to change the perception of how Central Valley farming is viewed.


It’s simple. WE GROW IT, with a fairly paid team. 

WE SHIP IT, fast and fresh. WE DONATE IT, one piece of fruit for every piece sold is donated to Visalia Rescue Mission.


Together we can experience the freshest California fruit, while changing the future.

Join us.

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